K-MK’s main activity is CNC machining service. We specialize in turn-milling operations. Our workshop offers to manufacture from low to large size part lots. Team of K-MK is experienced and dedicated to provide best possible outcome of every working hour.


Welding is our background before CNC era begun. Now we use our extensive knowledge about miscellaneous welding processes to complement our projects. Specialty of the shop is stainless steel and high alloys welding including demanding pressure vessels applications.


Mechanical assembly is our hobby. We love to make sturdy but smoothly working things. Many our projects involve also PLC and electrical works. Among completed devices and systems prevail pumping and fluid control devices together with special jig or fixture assemblies.

About Company

K-MK started in 2012 year as small engineering service. Now it has grew to offer sophisticated CNC and mechanical services to broad range of industry businesses all over Europe.

We are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified.

Main Workshop

  • 82-200 Malbork, ul. Toruńska 52
  • +48 668 379 50


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