Who we are

K-MK started in 2012 as a continuance of our owner carrier in technical trade. First contracts were for manufacturing simple parts of stainless steel. Second activity was building locally automated systems like dosing , mixing, pumping equipment. At the time certain circumstances occured where we could present our offer in tenders issued by petrochemical company PKN ORLEN S.A. It happened that we were good enough to win it. Very fast it began to be obvious that we are strongly related to our main customer and we fit very well into special projects.

So it was… We were doing small projects for biggest refinery in Eastern Europe. It has given us a lot of experience and we made sure we note everything down. This way we developed from micro entrepreneur to company which can offer comprehensive range of engineering services. Lately we have invested in newest CNC equipment to secure our projects need of sophisticated machined parts. We are also open to new customers and we want to share our manufacturing power.

Our mission is to serve high profile industrial customers. We present open approach which allows us to share and exchange a lot of valuable information with our customers. It is preferred way to establish stabile and long term relationships where investments and growth are rather seen as a strategy not as an occasional business. 


We are the CNC Company

About Company

K-MK started in 2012 year as small engineering service. Now it has grew to offer sophisticated CNC and mechanical services to broad range of industry businesses all over Europe.

We are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified.

Main Workshop

  • 82-200 Malbork, ul. Toruńska 52
  • +48 668 379 50


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